Save the Farmers Market

Economic Impact

The Value of the Farmers Market

Everyone knows that thousands of visitors enjoy visiting the Farmer’s Market to purchase the quality food products from great local vendors. But the market provides many other benefits to our city that may not be obvious. Take a moment to reflect on the benefits listed below to consider how diminished our city would be if we lost the market. The Farmer’s Market is just too valuable to our community; we can’t allow the Central Park Development and our City Commission to destroy it.

Food & Nutrition

  • Freshly picked, in season produce lasts longer and is at its peak in flavor and nutrition.
  • Local produced food lasts longer and is saves energy due to shorter delivery distances.
  • Many local vendors focus on organic & non-GMO products.
  • Local farmers have knowledge of their food, can suggest how best to prepare it and help you develop an awareness of new foods.

Promotion of the City/Businesses

  • Our market’s offerings bring a variety of customers from the tri county region and beyond.
  • Surveys show that approximately 60% of market shoppers also visited nearby stores on the same day.
  • Surveys show 60% said that they visited those additional stores only on days that they visit the market.

Financial & Economic

  • Supporting your local farmers market strengthens your community.
  • Because vendors are local, money spent at the market recirculates regionally, not sent away to a remote corporation.
  • Markets represent anchored capital that is not likely to move outside the region.
  • Our market serves as a business incubator, offering a low cost venue, a ready customer base and networking opportunities with experienced food vendors and producers.

Social & Sense of Community

  • The atmosphere and sense of community are among the main draws to our market.
  • The market offers a degree of interaction and negotiation between customer and vendor that not typical of most retail venues.
  • The market attracts a diverse mixture of people from all walks of life and social strata that all share a common interest in the market experience.