Save the Farmers Market

Royal Oak is moving forward with the Central Park Development, a project that threatens the continued operation of the Farmers Market and other neighboring businesses. This project includes a new City Hall, Police Station, Parking Deck, Park and commercial office building.

The City Hall and Police Station will be located in the existing surface parking lot surrounding the Farmers Market, eliminating 80% of the parking spaces. Market shoppers will be forced to use the new Parking Deck, located several blocks away. However, those shoppers will find most of the decks spaces are reserved for commercial office building tenants.

Mission was formed in response to these threats and with the following mission:

A. Immediately stop all work on the Central Park Development.

B. Develop a revised Central Park Development plan with a stated goal of embracing and enhancing the long-term viability of the Farmers Market, neighboring businesses and all other Royal Oak stakeholders.

C. Develop this revised Central Park Development plan by utilizing a planning process that:

  • Encourages and incorporates and stakeholder input rather than deflecting it.
  • Is fact based and uses outside experts to perform appraisals; traffic, parking, environmental, economic and other impact studies that are publically available.
  • Insures the revised plan addresses any problems identified by these studies.

D. The revised Central Park Development must be financially self sustaining and fully funded by the developer; the City of Royal Oak should not invest money or sell or transfer assets to any developer at less than fair market value as determined by a professional objective appraisal.

E. The Central Park Development should be opened up to allow bids from other developers. Closed exclusive developer relationships do not yield the best results for Royal Oak and violate our citizen’s fundamental need for transparency.