Save the Farmers Market

Thank you for taking the time to look at the Save The Farmers Market website and for Joining the Movement!

The Movement is made up of thousands of people who have pledged their support, voiced their concerns and signed our online petition. We want to preserve the Farmers Market as it is now by, stopping the Civic Center Development project and its impending negative impact on the Market immediately. We are tired of being ignored and misled by Royal Oak’s Mayor and Commissioners and want a say in their City’s future and the future of this historic Farmers Market.

The Movement is led by the Save The Farmers Market Advisory Committee. We are a group of respected individuals that are citizens and have deep roots in our Community. Some have direct experience in our city government and the Farmers Market. We all know the best city governments become successful by engaging citizens, not ignoring them. Through the Save The Farmers Market Movement we hope to engage many thousands more and continue to grow the Movement until it is impossible to simply ignore us. The threats to the Market are imminent and real and it is up to all of us to ensure the Royal Oak Farmers Market remains a viable jewel in this city for another 90 years!

The Movement is still growing and we are looking for a good folks who wish to participate. If you would like to become more active in the Save The Farmers Market Movement, please contact us here.



Greg Stanalajczo

Interim Chairperson


Committee Members

Walli Andersen

Jan Bills

Jean Chamberlain

Laura Harrison

Ilene Hill

Greg Stanalajczo