Save the Farmers Market

Thanks for stopping by and joining our grass roots movement to Save the Royal Oak Farmers Market!  And please pardon our dust as we continue to improve the site.

Royal Oak’s Farmers Market is in trouble. After 92 years of hard work earning its superior reputation, the Market’s continued operation is now threatened by the Royal Oak Civic Center project. This project will eliminate over 200 of the free surface parking spaces surrounding the Market, requiring shoppers to use a 5 story parking deck located several blocks away and walk back and forth to the market. This barrier will drive many shoppers and vendors away and to other area markets or stores where it is convenient for patrons.

Would you shop in a grocery store that required you to park in a 5 story parking deck, pay for parking and then walk several blocks with your grocery bags?

City Officials have not been truthful or transparent with the facts surrounding the major Civic Center Development project. They have not talked with vendors, shoppers, local businesses or held Town Hall meetings for citizens regarding the negative impact to the Farmers Market. Officials have not engaged professionals to develop parking, traffic, economic or other impact studies to insure there are no unanticipated negative effects to the Farmer’s Market and so they clearly understand what the impact will be to the city. Our city officials are betting the future of the Farmer’s Market and Royal Oak tax dollars on a role of the dice. Stay tuned in with; we will keep you informed with facts.

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